You seem to be getting drunk an awful lot, are you sure you don't have a problem...?

haha yes my problem is i dont have a full time job so i dont have anything better to do than get drunk with my friends atm

im drunk and have work in 6 hours i may regret my life choices in the morning

decided to play ranked the past few days for the first time since provisionals really and no longer silver V 




after having a huge art block all summer, i spontaneously decided to download illustrator, practice more vector art and.. start making pokemon t-shirts. (thanks for the inspiration, keely! ps. you should check out her really cute shirts too while you’re at it)

"i want to be the fairy best” is now for sale for just $20 a shirt on inkster! keep checking back on my blog’s /tagged/tshirts or on my inkster page for more shirt designs in the near future!  ♥




*walks up to newborn baby* haha fuckin virgin


Miss Fortune


caged kitten ❤ outfit review.

caged kitten  outfit review.

What is you favorite soul eater character?

Maka!!! she’s so cute and nice and badass!

How does it feel 2 be a huge nerd, a positively monumental nerd

better than it feels 2 b u *swag walks away*

it’s that time again where i ask for messages!

my favorite outfit selfies (*ノωノ)